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Noodscape (nude + landscape)

Original artworks by artist and photographer, Lauren Crooke that capture the diversity, strength, and liberation of women and non-binary folk using the nude form, through the female gaze, across Australian landscapes. 

Lauren's art aims to challenge preconceived thoughts about women's and non-binary bodies while creating awareness, inciting conversations, and impacting societal change that will help to prevent gendered sexual and gendered violence. 



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Tree Of Life - Nudescape
Liberation - Nudescape

High end quality printing and framing for any space

Our Crooked Images Noodscapes are quite literally one of a kind. What makes our prints so unique unlike general landscape imagery is they could never be reshot exactly the same again. Each shoot is very carefully curated through weeks of research, location scouting, test shoots, applications, permits, thematic creation and more. At first you may just see nudity in a place, but look further, take it all in, what else do you see? Each shoot has raised money for imperative organisations, been a catalyst for more participants to free their bodies from societal constraints, and of course shot passionately through the female gaze. 

When buying a print from Crooked Images, you are supporting a business who dedicates their life to the work of female and non binary liberation. All participants now receive a 15% discount on each nood shoot they attend. 


Explore our printing and framing options to suit any wall and room aesthetic.

All our Noodscape prints are produced locally in WA. 

If you're looking for something in particular that you can't find on our site, get in contact and we'll do everything we can for you. 

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